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About Us

About Us

We are a group of like-minded people who believe that happiness and wellbeing can be achieved by leading a healthy lifestyle.We design and run different wellness programs and cater them to our beautiful community. But the word "wellness" is not only applied to one individual, it also should be applied to the group of people and companies. The healthy environment is the key to the corporate success. Corporate wellness programs are created to promote the health and well-being of a company’s employees. Using a holistic approach, corporate health and wellness companies are able to target the areas of health that must be addressed in order to increase the wellness of each individual employee. By education and encouragement of healthy habits, employees will not only see an increase in their health, but their productivity and work output will also improve. In the long run, this benefits increase the work rate and lowers medical costs of the company. We would love to work with you and tailor to your needs. We created many programs that will fit your employees the best.


Meet the team

Julia Koliushkina

Personal trainer, The founder of BackToFit.Personal trainer. Master’s degree in Sports. More than 14 years of experience. Worked for Olympic Games as a World Fitness instructor. A personal trainer to the celebrities in Los Angeles. A founder of virtual fitness and nutritional marathons.

Natalie Aley
Ola Avedissian
Anastasia Bellone

Wellness blogger, musician, plant-based nutritionist,

content creator. 

Social media influencer with more than 161K followers.

Plant-based chef, certified by Future Food Institute and the vegan chef Mathew Kenney. Plant-based nutritionist (certified by eCornell). Has been a wellness content creator for more than 6 years. Worked with Disney, Lincoln, Kevita. A master degree in musical entertainment. The leading role in the musical “We will rock you”

Yoga instructor. Ola’s passion and dedication inspires a healthful and fit lifestyle rooted in inspiring self-commitment. She believes that through yoga practice we can all find the best version of ourselves. Ola is NCSF PT certified and received her formal degree from Saint-Petersburg University Of Humanities and Social Sciences in Russia. Some of Ola’s training accomplishments include teacher training in: Anusara Yoga in Bali, Indonesia - Bikram Yoga & MadDog Spinning in Los Angeles, CA and Tony Sanchez 26 Core + in Baja, Mexico. Hot8Yoga Sculpt Teacher Training, Barre and Power Yoga.

Anastasia is a UCLA psychology graduate, certified mental health coach, Vedic astrologer, and Ayurvedic consultant. She honors the western approach to wellbeing but finds it incomplete without the science of consciousness. This is why, for the last 10 years, she has been studying the traditions of the East, including Yoga, Ayurveda, Mantra, Meditation, and Jyotish (Vedic astrology). Anastasia's unique approach is to combine modern science with ancient wisdom.

She believes that connection to the Source is the core of wellbeing at all levels, and her goal is to share the Vedic wisdom with others to help everyone establish such a connection and achieve a balanced meaningful life.


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Back2fit Wellness


Tel: (310) 994-5095


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